Plsmall bedside

Small plain bedside

Wood & Material:

Teak wood, Ring plate brass pulls


Fine-Sanding, Candy-Yellow wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


18 7/8" x 17 5/8" x 19 5/8"

48 x 45 x 50 cm

Small but sturdy chest of 2 drawers made of teak solid wood

Plain simple small bedside 2 drawers handmade of plantation harvested teak wood, stained and lacquered finish. Thick solid wood top leaf, sturdy large corner structure assembled with traditional furniture construction. Features 2 drawers stacked on the front side.

The piece stand in low height employ thick solid wood board and large corner stiles, unique combination giving a strong appearance. Decorated by nature, the bedside features beautiful unparalleled teak wood grains on any surface.

Small furniture piece using large structures and thick solid wood board

Teak solid wood

The bedside handcrafted out of plantation harvested teak wood. Thick solid wood top leaf made made of several boards glued all together with loose tongue joint, fixed to the bedside rails using modern joinery method that allow solid wood extracting and contracting on humidity changes.

Flat panels inserted inside the the frame, enclosed the bedside from the left, right, and back sides. The corner stiles tapered on the bottom rails down to the floor, ended with plastic foot that will prevent the solid wood legs scratch the floor.

Dovetailed drawers

Two solid wood drawers stacked on the front side, both of them assembled with dovetail joinery, enclosed at the bottom by a thin board floating inside the rails. The drawers employ wooden runners and solid brass ring pulls to easing the pull-out and push-in process.

We select the best teak wood to build the bedside, uniform color with unique wood grains. Kiln dried properly, our builder handcrafted the piece from a single teak log to ensure it has similar wood grains on any sides.

The front side of the drawers created from the same board giving you an uniform wood grains on the front side.