Raffles lion king chair

Raffles lion king chair

Wood & Material:

Mahogany wood, Velvet fabric


Fine sanded, Pecan wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


35 3/8" x 27 4/8" x 70 6/8"

90 x 70 x 180 cm

Looking for a statement furniture piece to stand out in your home?

British regency antique throne replica, large size assembled of sturdy legs and high backrest. Raffles lion king chair handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, decorated with elaborate wood carving. The seat and backrest of the chair upholstered with foam and velvet fabric.

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Raffless lion king chair and lion carving dining table

Looking for a statement furniture piece to stand out in your home?

The Raffles lion carving chair has anything to become a statement-maker furniture in your house. A grandiose design piece in large size decorated with elaborate wood carving. The chair will stand out to become an eye-catching furniture piece in a room.

Our builder handcrafted the chair of sustainably harvested mahogany from production forest in Indonesia. Kiln dried into 12% moisture contents, assembled with traditional solid wood furniture construction. Tenon mortise joinery and corner block stretchers used to ensure the chair can last for a long time.

Sturdy yet Elegant

Large legs and lion head carving on the arm rest made the chair look sturdy. The shield carving stretcher connected the leg left to right make it even sturdy.

The flower carving on the leg knee and reeds continued to paw foot reduce the thickness. Turning stile with a finial decoration top of the backrest balancing the front legs. These make the whole appearance of the chair become more elegant.

Flattened eagle and foliage cresting backrest.

The chair cresting decorated with flattened eagle surrounded by foliage wood carving on the backrest rail.The cresting fixed on to backrest rail connected the back stiles left to right.

Diamond tufted upholstery backrest framed with pierced carving frame. The frame connecting the backrest top rail to bottom rail, make small space between the stile and frame.

The backrest design adding more elegance to the Raffles lion king chair appearance.

Lion head carving arm rest

The most interesting part of the chair is the lion carving on the armrest front. Imagine sitting powerfully on the chair and hold lion head in each of your hands.

This chair will make anyone feel like an ancient king.

The back side

We made the chair look perfect from any sides, we pay attention even to the back side. The backrest frame and back side of the cresting also decorated with similar carving on the front side. The upholstered section also covered with the same fabric.

The back legs curved outward ended with scrolling feet at the bottom.

Where to buy?

Lord raffles throne sell by Absolom Roche

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