King ralphs medieval chair

King Ralph's chair

Wood & Material:

Mahogany wood, Red velvet fabric


Fine sanded, Red mahogany wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


36 4/8" x 28 2/8" x 70"

93 x 72 x 178 cm

Medieval period Throne

A large throne of medieval period furniture handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany wood. King Ralph's chair is handcarved with elaborate carving by our talented carver.

The throne structures assembled of extra large back stiles and rails decorated with elaborate wood carving. The backrest of the throne employs thick rectangular shape stiles decorated with flowers and grapes ended at topmost with fire knob wood carving.

The backrest top rail carved with spiral lines and spheres. a crest decorated with beautiful foliage carving embellishing the backrest on the rail top side.

Both the size and the carving symbolizing the power and prosperity of a king and his kingdom.

Photo gallery

Arm rest rail

Foliage and scrolls wood carving detail on the arm rail
Scrolls carving at the front end of the armchair supported by angel face wood carving front stile.

The arm rails of the chair upholstered on the top side, decorated with scroll carving at the front end. The rail supported by large front stiles decorated with an angel face wood carving and wings carving corner bracket.


Faces wood carving on the front seat rails and legs knee
King and queen face carving on the seat rails and legs top.

The chair seat front rail carved with king head and foliage connect left to right side legs. King and queen head carving decorate the legs on the top and pyramid shape at the middle. Monopodium foot ended the front legs at the bottom to stand on the floor. Plain solid wood H stretcher reinforces the chair structure under the seat.

The seat upholstered using high-density foam and dacron to provide comfort for the seat, covered with red velvet fabric.


The backrest stiles decorated with grapes, flower, and leaves carving. An elaborate wood carving symbolizing the prosperity of the kingdom or the throne owner.

Upholstered using backrest foam and covered with velvet, the backrest upholstery decorated with diamond shape tufting.

Back side

King Ralph chair back side detail
Throne back side view

The backrest back side of the throne covered with fabric inside the backrest rails and stiles. Up and down pyramids carving back legs ended at the bottom with bun feet.

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