Karmin cane chair

Karmin cane chair

Wood & Material:

Teak wood, Rattan wicker on the inside and outside arms, fabric and foam cushion on seat and backrest


Fine sanded, Cocoa brown wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


37 3/8" x 35 3/8" x 29 4/8"

95 x 90 x 75 cm

Teak wood club chair caned sides

Sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair handmade of teak solid wood and rattan. The backrest and sides curved outward to allow the seat leaning backward or sideways comfortably. Equipped with seat and backrest cushion made of high quality foam and fabric.

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Teak rattan chair teak oiled

The armchair of the Karmin teak rattan lobby seat collection come in 1 seat size in similar shape and design with the loveseat and sofa. The chair backrest is made of four wide solid wood slats curved in a perfect angle for human back to lean on the cushion of the backrest.

Teak frames

Teak rattan chair strand caning with natural rattan string

The frame of the Karmin armchair is made of teak wood harvested from Perhutani plantation in Central Java, kiln dried into proper moisture contents to prevent the wood from cracking and warping. Our builder handcrafted the armchair using traditional solid wood furniture construction and joinery, tenon mortise and corner bracket fastener.

Teak rattan chair wicker sheet sides

The front stiles of the chair curved to the left and right sides at the top, the back structures curved back left and back right. Thick and wide plain seat aprons at four sides connected the legs and solid wood slats seat. Top rails curved in similar shape to the structures connected the arms to the backrest.

Rattan and cushion

Left and right sides of the chair covered by rattan woven inside and outside, solid woven rattan to balance the sturdiness of the chair frames. A seat cushion and backrest cushion made of high-quality foam and fabric included with the armchair.

Karmin furniture

A strong yet beautiful sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood harvested from Indonesian plantation timber.
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