Lounge Chairs 3

Teak wood club chair

Teak wood lounge seat

Teak wood | W. 81, D. 72H. 75 cm

Lounge furniture pieces, a simple and plain chair cross slats backrest. Made of teak wood, curved outward armrest and backrest, taper legs. A drawer with wooden rails under the seat apron. Including seat and backrest cushion.

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Barrel chair made of teak frame rattan seat

Barrel Chair Rattan Seat

Teak wood | W. 59, D. 59H. 80 cm

Indonesia ethnic furniture, Jakarta/Batavia lenong barrel chair, rattan seat. Cabriole front legs, whorl foot. Made of solid teak wood, slats left, right and back framed with half round top rail. The rattan seat framed with solid wood apron, bracket knee front legs, plain back legs.

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Teak leather tub chair

Teak leather tub chair

Teak wood | W. 70, D. 70H. 80 cm

Teak wood frame tub chair, leather seat and backrest. Turned and reeded front legs, curved outward back legs. Made of teak wood, upholstered with foam and leather.

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Java rocking chair teak rattan

Java rocking chair

Teak wood | W. 0, D. 0H. 0 cm

Plantation style rocking chair made of teak wood, rattan / cane backrest and seat

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Teak rattan lazy chair rattan seat

Regency teak rattan lazy chair

Teak wood | W. 79, D. 95H. 115 cm

Comfortable lazy chair rattan seat and backrest, solid teak frame, legs and arms. Turning front leg, curved and taper back legs. Curved down seat continued to curved backward backrest.

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Regency lazy chair teak and rattan

Regency lazy

Teak wood | W. 69, D. 92H. 99 cm

Colonial plantation style lazy chair rattan teak frame. The arms chair can be rotating into a footrest. Turning front legs, curved backward backrest.

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Regency teak rattan chaise lounge

Regency chaise lounge

Teak wood | W. 69, D. 193H. 97 cm

Indonesian colonial style chaise lounge, rattan seat, teak frame and legs. 4 front legs turning, 2 back legs tapered curved back and turning U stretcher. Scrolling arms down to middle legs, waved seat and backrest like human back body contour.

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Betawi new banteng chair teak wood

New banteng chair

Teak wood | W. 59, D. 59H. 80 cm

Indonesian original style banteng teak chair modified into a minimalist shape. Made of teak wood, wood stained and wax top coated, upholstered seat.

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Becak chair made of teak and leather

Teak leather becak chair

Teak wood | W. 60, D. 70H. 75 cm

Indonesian traditional lobby chair becak style. Hanmade of teak wood, leather seat and backrest.

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