Whitewashed reclaimed teak tvs2d

Whitewashed Tv Stand

Wood & Material:

Teak wood, Ball bearing drawer runners, European style concealed hinges


Steel brushed, limed, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


57" x 19 5/8" x 23 4/8"

145 x 50 x 60 cm

Teak wood small entertainment unit

The whitewashed tv stand is made of teak solid wood into a simple small entertainment unit in your living room. The piece features a compartment enclosed by 2 doors beside an open compartment on a drawer at the front side.

The top side of the unit enclosed by a solid wood panel fastened to the top rail using wooden clips to allow the solid wood movement.

An open compartment at the left front side is suitable for a small media player. And a small drawer under provide you a storage for various media. 

The drawer is assembled of solid wood and plywood panel base. Fastened to the unit using steel ball bearing drawer runners to ease pulling and pushing it. 

Traditional construction and modern hardware

Our builder handcrafted the Tv stand using traditional construction, tenon-and-mortise joint fastened with dowel, floating panels doors and sides, and dovetail joint drawer. The piece accented with wide groove that highlighted the drawer and the doors.

The doors fastened to the unit using European style concealed hinges, and the drawer using modern slider that available in ball bearing side runner or tandem runner.

Finishes and woodgrains on doors detail

Whitewash finishing

The whitewash finishing method involves particular process to enhance the wood grains, liming, and protective coating. The wood grains pattern highlighted by removing softer grains from the wood using wire brush or wire cup grinder. Then we handsand the tc stand using #220 grit sandpaper, and clean the wood pores from the dust and particles using smoot brushes.

The liming process using smooth cloth to apply lime wax onto the wood surface, hand rubbing in circular direction, overlapping strokes to ensure the lime entering the open pores. After cleaning wax excess using ultra-fine steel-wool, limed wood surface sealed with neutral wax.

The last process of whitewashing technique is to apply furniture finishing protective coating.

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