Dutch flanders cupboard

Dutch Flanders cupboard

Wood & Material:

Mahogany wood, Solid brass antique door locks


Fine-Sanding, Pecan wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


59 6/8" x 21 5/8" x 83 3/8"

152 x 55 x 212 cm

Classic armoire paneled with raised solid wood boards

The Dutch Flanders cupboard is one of the renaissance period furniture piece that stands strong and look fully prepared to face the next few decades. The piece identified by thick raised panels with molding edges central decoration. Crowned with large molding on the top most, the cupboard stand firm with large bun feet on the floor.

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Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, employ large components and thick wood carving decoration the cupboard states the strength and endurance. It will be a perfect furniture piece for a large spacious house, a cynosure in a room.

Crown molding

The Flanders armoire decorated with a large crown molding, exaggerate lines molding protrude out in several levels. The crown accented the cupboard at the top most, fixed onto the top rails.

The front top rails decorated with thick flower wood carving and two raised panels inlay, plain on the left and right side.

Paneled doors detail

Paneled doors

The Flanders cupboard enclosed by 2 paneled doors, fitted to flower carving and reeded stiles on each side. Each of them contain 8 raised panels inside large frame decorated with bead molding on the inner edges.

The doors using double hinges system to allow you open the door out to 270 degrees.

Shelves and hanger inside the armoire


The compartment contain 2 wooden shelves. The bottom shelf fastened to the sides, while the top shelve is removable to allow the use of wooden hanger hidden inside the top rails.

We encourage you to customize the compartment features, to ensure the cupboard meet your requirements.


The cupboard base has 2 drawers assembled with dovetail joinery. The front drawers decorated with raised center and profile molding, employ a wooden knob pull. Each drawers inserted inside molding rails and flower carving inlaid stiles.

The cupboard stand on 2 large bun feet at the front and plain rectangular feet back.

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