Regency dining table

Regency dining table

Wood & Material:

Mahogany solid wood, solid brass foot protection, brass crank, steel extender mechanism.


Fine sanded, classic mahogany wood stain, satin polyurethane spray coating.


118" x 43 2/8" x 30 5/8"

300 x 110 x 78 cm

Extendable to 10ft mahogany dining table

The regency dining table features two leaf extensions allowing you extending the table from 180 to 300 cm wide. The table is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, plain top leaf decorated with teardrops carving on the edges fixed on to plain aprons and extensions mechanism. Two pedestals assembled of turning column and four spider legs stand on the floor to support the top table.

Steel extender and solid wood sliders extending the top leaf

Traditional extension mechanism

The table has a lavish solid wood top leaf decorated with famous teardrops edge carving. This top leaf assembled of mahogany planks glued with tongue and grooves joint. Fixed plain aprons highlighted with bead molding on the bottom edges.

Two leaf extensions with same carving decoration included to enabling extend the table. A steel extender and solid wood slider mechanism attached under the top leaf.

Removable crank made of solid brass and wooden handle

Removable crank extender

You can easily extend the table by turning the steel extender using a removable crank included with the table. Turning the crank clockwise to extend the top table, turning other direction decrease the length.

The crank made of solid brass with a wooden handle.

Top leaf extensions wood carving edge

Solid wood leaf extensions

The table includes leaf extensions handcrafted of solid wood and decorated with teardrops carving similar to the top table. The extensions come in 60 cm wide with six dowel tenons on one side and six mortise holes on the other side.

You can simply extend the top table and put the leaf extensions on, fit the dowel tenon into the mortise to lock the joint.

The most simple traditional extending method that has been tested in centuries.

Relief carving and turning pedestals on top of four spider legs and brass foot

Pedestal and spider legs

Two turning solid wood decorated with leaves carving relief stand on the floor to support the top table. Four spider legs reeded on the top side attached to the bottom of the pedestals.

Solid brass foot on the end of the legs protect the wood from scratches and cracking.

Regency dining table eight seats single extension front view

When using single extension the top table has 240 cm wide, it suitable for eight persons dining together. Three seats on each log side, one seat on each end.

Regency dining table 10-12 seats double extensions used

Using two leaf extensions the top table extended to 300 cm provide a wide space for 10 to 12 persons dining table. We use a large beam for the extensions mechanism to prevent it warping when extended into maximum length.


Regency dining table handcrafted of mahogany wood from sustainable forest managed by Perhutani, a state owned forest company
Kiln dried
The mahogany wood is kiln dried into 8% moisture contents (inside the kiln dry facility), may increase into 12 - 15% moisture contents while we working on it.
Size WxDxH
300 x 110 x 78 cm
118 x 43 2/8 x 30 5/8 Inch
Volume : 1.570 Cubic meters
Fine sanding, Classic Mahogany wood stain , semi-glossy satin clear coating.
Solid brass foot, brass crank, steel extender

Regency furniture

A beautiful accent table features regency pedestal on a reeding spread legs. Solid wood round top leaf fastened onto curves aprons.
Regency round table 80
Mahogany wood
Living room,Accent table