Pedestal table

Pedestal table

Wood & Material:

Teak wood


Fine sanding, Candy brown wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


59" x 59" x 29 4/8"

150 x 150 x 75 cm

Unparalled beautiful wood grains on Indonesian pedestal table

Indonesian pedestal table handcrafted of teak solid wood. Supported by a large turning column on top of three spider legs and rounded feet, Profile edge decoration round top leaf fastened onto plain round apron.

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Unique wood grains and profile edge decoration of the top table

Unique wood grains round top.

The dining features unique wood grains of the exotic teak timber on it surface. The top table assembled of several solid wood boards, glued all together using loose tongue joint. Decorated with profile edge, the top leaf fastened to the apron using wooden clips to allow the wood movement on contracting and extracting through seasons.

A large turning solid wood column with cylidrical decoration support the top table. Three spider legs with rounded feet attached to the pedestal to stablize the dining table.


Central Java timber plantation harvested teak, grade A, no dead knots.
Kiln dried
Kiln dried into 12% moisture contents (inside the kiln dry facility), may increase into 15 - 18% moisture contents while we working on it.
Size WxDxH
150 x 150 x 75 cm
59 x 59 x 29 4/8 Inch
Volume : 1.780 Cubic meters
Fine sandingCandy brown

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