Dining Chairs 6

Betawi new chair rattan seat

Batavia new chair

Teak wood | W. 62, D. 65H. 90 cm

Batavian original banteng chair modified into a simple terrace chair. Made of teak wood, rattan seat and backrest.

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Ganesha teak leather chair

Ganesha teak leather chair

Teak wood | W. 55, D. 60H. 85 cm

Teak leather arm chair bending arms. The frame is made of solid teak wood, tapered and curved outward front legs, plain curved outward back legs. Leather upholstery seat and backrest.

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Betawi banteng chair made of teak wood

Banteng arm chair

Teak wood | W. 61, D. 54H. 85 cm

Betawi, Jakarta ethnic original terrace chair made of teak wood.

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