Colonial partner desk 12

Partner desk 12

Wood & Material:

Mahogany wood, Leather desk top, Solid brass hinges, brass bracket pulls, brass knob pulls


Fine-Sanding, Classic wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


70 6/8" x 35 3/8" x 29 4/8"

180 x 90 x 75 cm

Colonial partner desk

Colonial classic partner desk 12 drawers and 2 doors handcrafted of mahogany wood, leather desk top work space.

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Classic executive desk with rectangular work surface on top of two pedestals, small cabinets of stacked 3 drawers front and 1 door backside. Large work surface to allow two users working together while facing each other. Popular in 19th century, the partner desk is usually used by senior bank official that work together with banking partners.

18 th antique partner desk

Made of high quality mahogany wood, the colonial partner desk has a large work surface with 3 drawers in both sides to accommodate two users at the same time. The desk top is inlaid with leather panels, each panels decorated with flower pattern gold printing on it edges. Wide central drawers above the legs/knee space between small drawers at the left and right sides. The front drawers edges decorated with thin bead molding, equipped with solid brass bracket pulls.

The Pedestals

The work surface of the desk resting on top of two pedestals, both pedestals have same size and design. The pedestal contain 3 drawers at the front side and a compartment enclosed by a wooden door at the back side, raised panels at left and right sides, block base with profile top edges decoration. The drawers assembled with dovetail joint, wooden runners, solid brass bracket pulls. The doors at the back side assembled of raised solid wood panels floating inside plain frame, fixed with solid brass hinges, using solid brass knob pulls.

Sheraton furniture

Colonial writing table made of mahogany solid wood
Writing table 3 drawers
Mahogany wood, Leather, Brass bracket pulls