Rococo bed frame

Rococo bed frame

The Rococo chateau bed is a provincial period furniture piece popular in early 19th century, features scalloped carving and cabriole legs which usually associated to rococo furniture. The piece known as French boudoir bed which beautifully carved and painted to perfectly suit women bedroom.

Excessive Curves

Created for women private bedroom, the bed features excessive curves on the headboard and footboard. The footboard top frame curved and rounded at the top corners, decorated with foliage wood carving on the top side, crested with rose carving at the center. The frames highlighted with curved thin lines on frame-to-panels joint.

Elaborate carving on the foot board

Twin raised panels inside the footboard frames decorated with beautiful foliage and scalloped carving, separated by flower carving central stile. The bottom frame curved similar to the curly bracket mark, connected to the legs with a perfect curvature scroll carving.

Provincial style cabriole legs of the bed decorated with curved lines and scrolling foliage at the inner corner. A traditional acanthus leaves carving on the knee.

Wood carving cresting the headboard

Unlike the footboard, the rococo bed headboard has a simple carving decoration. The headboard of the chateau bed is slightly higher than the footboard, features flower carving crest on the central top.


The bed is made of sustainably harvested mahogany solid wood, kiln dried int 12% moisture content. Our craftsman handcrafted the bed using traditional furniture construction, tenon mortise frames joint and floating panels. Solid wood slats inserted inside bed rails to support the mattress. The side rails connected to the headboard and to foot board with steel brackets bed rails hardware to easing the customer assembly the bed at home. No extra tool required in the assembling process.

The headboard and footboard height is perfect. The wooden slats are troublesome anyway, you have to consider to change it to a simple design.

Customer : Kirk Ondol


We use several grits of sandpaper to clean and smooth the wood surface, apply three times sanding sealer. The bed is painted with high-quality paint, glazed with antique cream color, and top coated with polyurethane.

  • Dimension : Width 172 cm, Depth 214 cm, Height 150 cm. Apron height from floor 45 cm
  • Wood : Mahogany
  • Finishing : White painted color. Polyurethane spray coating
  • Hardware : Brass fixtures
  • Features : Wooden slats mattress upport

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