Since prehistoric times people have made and use furniture. People in Skara Brae, a neolithic village in Orkney use stone to build storage and seating due to the shortage of the wood in Orkney. Prehistoric stool effigy carved stone found in Caribbean. Ancient Egyptian using wood furniture such as bed, chairs, table, and chest for storage. You can read more about the furniture in wikipedia, or read brief history of furniture here.

Until now many of the hardwood species are still popular in wood furniture manufacturing. Mahogany, oak, cherry, maple, teak, birch, cedar, and many other woods are used by furniture craftsmen in furniture construction because of durability and some other advantages.

Beautiful wood grains

The most notable advantage of solid wood is its beautiful wood grains, it has unrivaled unique pattern and lines. Some of them have even grains and smooth surface such as mahogany and cherry which are known excellent when finished, while coarse textured solid wood such as teak used to create unfinished furniture pieces.

To be sure, most of the solid wood are beautiful even though it was not stained.

Proven durability.

Solid wood is naturally resilient, it can last for decades. Several wood species were known resistant to insects and termites.

There are plenty of handcrafted solid wood furniture in 18th century still last until today. Stand proudly inside royal palace and aristocrats castle, or sold at high price in antique shops.


Solid wood is the most practical material for furniture construction, easy to work with, it can hold screws and other metal hardware without problem. A solid wood furniture need little maintain, all you have to do is wiping to clean it.

You can reviving an old wood furniture pieces into a new look by sanding and refinishing it. There are a lot of how-to and instructions articles regarding old furniture on the net. One of the easiest step by step instructions to follow is Refinishing old furniture at instructable.com


Rather than throw it to landfills we can reclaim solid wood furniture to create new useful wooden products.