Mirror acanthe portrait

Mirror acanthe portrait

Acanthe Carving mirror frame

Classic elaborate caving frame mirror handcrafted of mahogany wood.

Inspired by 14th century architectural ornament, the mirror carved with acanthus foliage four sides outside the mirror frame. The acanthus leaves carving are drilled and spread on the curved outer frame.

Acanthus leaves carving frame

Straight rectangular inner frame accented with flower carving. Outer frame continued from left and right sides to the cresting at the top. 3 mm thick plywood at the backside to hold and cover 4mm beveled mirror.

The acanthus carving motif at the mirror frame is similar to the Renaissance period carving which has it own specific characters and details. Handcrafted by our talented carvers using solid mahogany wood.

The piece made with attention to detail, carefully sanded with several grits sand paper to smooth the wood surface. We apply gold paint to the piece, finished with polyurethane to protect the color.

  • Dimension : Width 100 cm, Depth 5 cm, Height 200 cm.
  • Wood : Mahogany
  • Finishing : Gold paint color. Polyurethane spray coating
  • Hardware : Mirror 4mm
  • Features :