Crate coffee table made of reclaimed wood

Crate coffee table

Crate coffee table features a secret storage that appears when the table pulled outward. The table is made of reclaimed teak wood from railway sleepers, handcrafting into a sturdy and compact center table.

Wood & Material:

Reclaimed wood


Steel brushed,Soft sanding,beeeswax polish


155 x 155 x 35 cm

Table with hidden storage

Having some additional storage in your living room will help you hide away the clutter and tidy up your room to neater and feel more spacious. Especially the coffee table which is usually covered by various items such as TV remote, magazines, books, and several other knick-knacks. The crate coffee gives you large hidden storage almost as big as the table itself table.

The crate coffee table concealing the hidden storage

Unlike most coffee tables that have several drawers as an extra storage option, the crate coffee table gives you a hidden storage concealed inside the table body. The table consisting of 2 outer sections and an open top wooden box hidden compartment. The hidden compartment appears when the table outer sections slide outward.

The crate coffee table with hidden storage is made of reclaimed teak wood from disassembled old house, our builder handcrafted the table using precise joint solid wood furniture construction. The table top is assembled of solid wood boards assembled with loose tongue joint, fastened to the table structure using loose screw joint. These are to allow the solid wood movement while extracting and contracting.

The table structures constructed using tenon mortise fastened with wooden dowel.

The crate wooden table is steel brushed using wire cup grinder to open the wood pores, then sand blasted to give erosion distress to the wood surface.


Reclaimed Wood
Crate coffee table is made of reclaimed wood from demolished old houses, barns, railway sleepers, and any other previously structures.
Size WxDxH
155 x 155 x 35 cm
61 x 61 x 13 6/8 Inch
Volume : 0.912 Cubic meters
Steel brushing, sand blasting, soft sanding, beeswax polish top coat..
Rubber castor

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