Plantation sleigh bed teak solid wood

Sleigh bed

The sleigh bed features a scrolling and curved high headboard and a lower footboard in the same shape. A French empire furniture style that fashionable in the early 19th century. The bed frame famous for its shape that resembles a sled or sleigh.

Wood & Material:

Teak,Bed rail fastener


Fine sanding,wood stained,Polyurethane spray coating


243 x 210 x 130 cm

Sleigh shaped bed frame

The sleigh shaped bed frame comes in solid headboard and footboard constructed of teak solid wood structures and teak veneered panels. The headboard height of 130 cm is higher than the footboard about 30cm, both section curved and scrolled outward to form a sleigh vehicle.

We handcrafted the sleigh bed using plantation harvested teak wood and the best available teak veneer to ensure it can withstand various weather conditions. The headboard constructed of thick curved stiles on the left and right sides of the headboard connected by rounded top rails, three central stiles and two middle rails concealed by the veneered MDF board panel.

Moldings accented side rails

The side rails of the sleigh bed come in simple plain accented with a large bead molding, connect the headboard to the footboard using tenon-mortise joint with bullet head screw fastener. Several wooden slats inserted inside the side rails act as a mattress support.

The bed employs four flute detail legs.


Wood Species
We use plantation harvested teak wood to build the Sleigh bed TL.
Wood Preparation
The wood is kiln dried into 12% moisture contents (inside the kiln dry facility), may increase into 15 - 18% moisture contents while we working on it.
Size WxDxH
243 x 210 x 130 cm
95 5/8 x 82 5/8 x 51 1/8 Inch
Volume : 1.000 Cubic meters

Sleigh bed photo gallery

Louis XV sleigh bed

The Louis XV sleigh bed is a French antique furniture design that depicts a sleigh shape with its curved headboard. Rounded top rail connecting scrolling top - curved in - then curved out stiles to form the headboard frame. A raised panel inserted to float inside the solid wood frame. The bed is inspired by ancient Rome and Greek architecture in the early 19th century. The bed comes in a simple design with elegant curves, bead molding decorations and some scrolling wood carving accented the headboard, footboard, and side rails.

Caned sleigh bed

The caned sleigh bed features scrolled and curved headboard and footboard. Both the headboard and footboard accented with rattan wicker using hole-to-hole strand caning weaving techniques. The side rails of the bed decorated with three bead moldings on the outer side, some wooden slats inserted into the side rails as a mattress support.

Opium sleigh bed

The opium sleigh bed features an oriental style bed frame and a sleigh shaped high headboard no footboard. All four legs of the bed curved out similar to the opium leg style oriental furniture. The bed is made of plantation harvested teak wood constructed using traditional wood furniture construction, floating panel headboard, bead molding edges rails. Two central rails along with side rails support several wooden slats as mattress base.

Other Plantation furniture

A classic colonial sleigh bed handcrafted of teak solid wood, embellished with natural rattan wicker on the headbiard and footboard.

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