Modern and simple plain furniture

Simple Modern Furniture Design

The beauty of the teak wood grains is the main decoration of our plain simple furniture, most of these simple modern design created to emphasized their function. The curves, angles, and sloves of various modern seating are measured to provide comfort and shape proportion. We use single piece wood log and single craftsman from start to end to build the furniture, this is to ensure the wood grains and color similarities.

Karmin seating

Karmin seatinf simple curves solid wood slats

The Karmin living room seats is a blend of comfort with the strength, the marriage of elegance with courage. The seats structures made of teak wood which welknown for its durability, embellished wisth rattan natural wicker, shaped into beautiful furniture pieces.

Designed for optimum comfort with low seat and contoured backrest. The seat and backrest cushion made of foam and dacron to ensure comfort.

Caned sides sofa

Caned wood sofa comes with strong yet elegant solid wood frames. This sofa will be great addition into your living room to provide you a spacious comfort.

Thick and sturdy frames employ wooden slats tilted backward to support seat cushion. Curved outward slatted backrest, rattan wicker left and right sides.

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Caned sides Loveseats

Classic curved outward arm side and backrest sofa 2 seats. Made of teak solid wood,wooden slats seat and backrest, rattan left and right end. Seat cushion and backrest pillows included.

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Karmin cane chair

Sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair handmade of teak solid wood and rattan. The backrest and sides curved outward to allow the seat leaning backward or sideways comfortably. Equipped with seat and backrest cushion made of high quality foam and fabric.

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teak sofa

The karmin teak sofa features curved out solid wood slats sides and backrest. The pieces is made of teak solid wood harvested from plantation. Thick and wide seat rails , yet comfortable with padded cushion backrest and seat.

teak Lounge chair

To match the the karmin teak sofa or loveseat we provide you with a single seat karmin chair. Features curved sides and backrest similar to the sofa. Seat padded cushion and backrest pillows available in varios fabric color and patterns.

teak loveseat

Comfortable simple loveseat curved backrest and sides handcrafted of teak solid wood. A perfect sturdy furniture piece to stand on any waiting rooms, designed to carry two persons in any weight and durable even when used frequently.

Sudar simple line seating

Sudar simple line seating features low arm rests accented with natural rattan wicker fitted under the arm rest rail from outside and inside the seat. The seating frame handcrafted out of plantation harvested teak wood using traditional solid wood furniture construction and joinery.

This furniture dsign will be a great addition to any waiting room, guest room, or lounge room.


Modern armchair with classic design solid wood frames handmade of teak and rattan. Taper front legs, wooden slats seat and backrest. Cushion included.


A loveseat designed to fit two person comfortably, it is versatile and perfect fit many space in a house. It will be perfect to sitting on sideways, or as a place to stretch out in your home office. Loveseat could also be used to accent and balance the arrangement of sofa set in a lounge room or lobby.


A simple sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood, accented with natural rattan skin under the arm rests. Solid wood slats seat and backrest in plain seat rails, supported by tapered front legs and rectangular back legs.