Living room Furniture 2

The medieval throne of king Ralph made in sturdy and large size sizes. Elaborate carving embellished the chair symbolizing the power and prosperity.

King Ralph's chair

Mahogany wood | W. 93, D. 72H. 178 cm

A large throne of medieval period furniture style. King Ralph chair is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, decorated with elaborate wood carving.

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A beautiful handcrafted coffee table replicate the Victorian period antique coffee table. Four cabriole legs and whorl feet connected by foliage carving top aprons.

Victorian coffee table

Mahogany wood | W. 110, D. 65H. 47 cm

A British Victorian period antique coffee table reproduction made of mahogany wood. Plain and smooth solid wood top leaf on top of foliage carving aprons. Supported by four cabriole legs hassock carving knee and scroll feet.

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Colonial console table replica handcrafted of Indonesia grows mahogany wood, 1 drawer front, supported by four beautiful turning legs.

Colonial console table 1D

Mahogany wood | W. 70, D. 35H. 80 cm

Colonial period console table replica handcrafted of mahogany wood. Profiled edges plain wood top leaf, 1 drawer at front apron, four turning legs with bun foot. Fine finished in classic mahogany color, polyurethane protective coating.

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Colonial period coffee table replica made of mahogany wood

Colonial coffee table

Mahogany wood | W. 110, D. 60H. 47 cm

A replica of antique colonial period coffee table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood top profiled edges, 2 drawers at front side apron supported by four turning legs.

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A strong yet beautiful sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood harvested from Indonesian plantation timber.

Karmin teak sofa

Teak wood | W. 240, D. 90H. 90 cm

Living room 3 seats sofa solid wood slats sides and backrest beautifully curved outward. This best selling living room sofa is handmade of teak solid wood by our custom furniture builder. Thick and wide seat rails , yet comfortable with padded cushion backrest and seat.

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Simple modern armchair handcrafted of plantation harvested teak wood, accented with natural rattan skin wicker.

Sudar armchair

Teak wood | W. 70, D. 95H. 85 cm

Modern armchair with classic design solid wood frames handmade of teak and rattan. Taper front legs, wooden slats seat and backrest. Cushion included.

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A simple beautiful sofa handcrafted of teak wood accented with natural rattan wicker.

Sudar sofa

Teak wood | W. 210, D. 95H. 85 cm

A simple sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood, accented with natural rattan skin under the arm rests. Solid wood slats seat and backrest in plain seat rails, supported by tapered front legs and rectangular back legs.

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A versatile loveseat handcrafted of Indonesian teak wood

Sudar loveseat

Teak wood | W. 140, D. 95H. 85 cm

A loveseat designed to fit two person comfortably, it is versatile and perfect fit many space in a house. It will be perfect to sitting on sideways, or as a place to stretch out in your home office. Loveseat could also be used to accent and balance the arrangement of sofa set in a lounge room or lobby.

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A simple armchair handcrafted of plantation-harvested teak wood strand caning sides.

Karmin cane chair

Teak wood | W. 95, D. 90H. 75 cm

Sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair handmade of teak solid wood and rattan. The backrest and sides curved outward to allow the seat leaning backward or sideways comfortably. Equipped with seat and backrest cushion made of high quality foam and fabric.

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