Teak garden furniture and

English Sheraton Furniture

The English classic Sheraton furniture style have been made by Indonesian furniture craftsmen since 18th century. The style was brought by Thomas Raffles to Indonesia during colonization of Sumatra and Java. At that time many of the furniture craftsmen handcrafting furniture for colonial government and plantation offices use, hence the manufacturing is limited of chairs and tables. To the modern days the most popular English classic furniture in Indonesia is Sheraton pieces.

Dining Chair and Table

Sheraton dining room chairs and table

The Sheraton dining chair and table employ turning and reeded legs in beautiful shape, the table legs accented with small flower carving on the flat top of each legs. Each of the turned legs ended with arrow foot at the bottom most.

The dining table features a solid wood top leaf with moulding four sides edges fastened to the top rails using wooden clips to allow it moving through seasons changes.

Dining armchair

The dining armchair features turning front legs, connected with seat apron using tenon mortise joint. Wide and curved backward crest rail at the backrest top, plain slats and chevron flower carving tenoned to the backrest post on the middle of backrest.

The chair employ arm rests on the left and right sides tenoned to the back posts, curved down to the front legs. The arms top side, front legs, reeded vertically, while the seat apron reeded horizontally.

The chair features a rattan wicker as seat fixed to the seat aprons.

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Dining chair

The side chair comes in a same design with the armchair. It features anexcessive reeded on the front parts. Diamond pattern rattan wicker fixed to the seat frame along with the human backs contoured backrest provide comfort to the seater .

The side chair and armchair above handcrafted out of plantation harvested teak wood, using traditional construction and joinery to ensure it can last for a long time to come.

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dining table

The sheraton dining table comes in two legs design. The original design has four turning legs in a same shape with the chair, while the eastern style has four turning legs accented with large vertical reeds.

Both design features solid wood top leaf accented with bead moulding edges. Each legs connected to the top rails using corner bracket joints and bolt fasteners.

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Sunrise carving

Sheraton sunrise carving chairs

The Sunrise carving chairs feature turning and reeded front and curved backward plain backlegs similar to the original sheraton chairs. Plain seat apron tenoned into flat shape top front legs to the back posts. The chair backrest embellished with a sunrise wood carving under it bow shaped crest.

The arm rests of the carver chair connected to the backs side of the back posts, curved down to the top of the front legs.


Four posters bed

The Sheraton bed features a turning and reeded posters on four corners. All four posters connected by plain  canopy at the top most fastened with a finial decoration to the poster.

 A stepped railson top two X shape crossing wood slats tenoned to the posters as headboard. The side rails connected to the posters using tenon mortise joint with bolt fasteners.

A center beams and wood slats inserted inside the rails as mattress support.

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Other pieces

Tambourine accent table 4L

Classic colonial accent table tapered bottom to top handmade of teak solid wood. Turning and reeded four legs slanted inward.

Tambourine accent table 3L

Colonial period triple legs round top leaf accent table. Turning and reeded 3 legs strengthened with finial decorated tripod stretcher at the bottom. Solid wood rounded top leaf fitted to the circular aprons.

oval accent table

Sheraton accent table 1 drawer, oval shape top leaf with droplets carving decoration edges. Four turning and reeded legs fastened with oval shape block at the legs bottom. Cooected with oval shape bead edges decoration top apron. A small dovetailed drawer inserted at the top leaf apron front sides.

commercial sunRISE chair Upholstery

Sheraton commercial chair is a sturdy version of the sunrise carving chair. The backrest of the chair is handcrafted of with beautiful sun rays carving.

Sunrise bar chairupholstery

Indonesia colonial style teak rattan bar chair, turning front legs, taper back legs, with H stretcher. Made of teak wood, upholstered seat and rattan backrest.

Commercial Sunrise Armchair upholstery

Sheraton chair sunrise carving backrest, upholstered seat. Made of teak wood, turning and reeded front legs, taper and curved backward back legs.

Sheraton commercial dining chair

The commercial version of the Sheraton chair comes with larger frames, to ensure it strong enough to carry human of any weight. The backrest frames and rails are thicker..

Raffles easy chair

Lounge chair upholstered seat and backrest. Teak wood frame, turning and reeded front legs, curved outward back legs.

Sheraton lazy chair

Rattan seat and backrest easy chair, Sheraton style bun feet, spiral reeded front legs. Made of teak wood, curved backward backrest and back legs, straight arms.

Sunrise carving bench

British colonial period bench decorated with sunrise carving on the backrest, The piece handcrafted of teak accented with rattan wicker seat.

Peacock carving bench

British colonial bench 2 seats handmade of teak solid wood. Wide backrest top frame decorated with peacock carving. Wooden slats concave seats 2 centimeters gaps.

Logede wooden dining table square

Classic colonial style dining table, four turning and reeded legs. Plain solid top leafs with profiled edge. Wooden corner bracket legs joint, plain and thick apron.

Logede teak rattan side table

Classic colonial style dining table, four turning and reeded legs. Rattan woven top leafs with plain edge.

Sheraton server table

Colonial style Sheraton two tiers server table, rattan top and bottom shelf. Turning and reeded legs, brass foot on caster. Made of solid teak wood, traditional construction, tenon and mortise joinery.

Sheraton demilune table

Colonial furniture piece Sheraton console table demilune handmade of teak wood. Turning and reeded legs, a drawer below half round top leaf, solid brass knob drawer pull.

Fish carving console table

Colonial style Sheraton console table, fish and shells carving apron. Handmade of teak, solid wood top, turning and reeded legs.

FISH CARVING center table

Turning and reeded legs coffee table, shells and fish carving apron. All parts ar made of solid teak wood.

Sheraton side table

Two tiers side table square top. Turning and reeded legs, blunt arrow foot. Rattan top and shelf framed with solid teak wood. Popularized by Indonesian craftsmen during Asia colonization era.

Sheraton center table

Sheraton center table is a colonial period turning legs table with plain top apron. Rattan skin close-woven hand caned to the top. The table employs fur turning legs and blunt arrow feet.

Plantation canopy bed

Colonial classic style teak wood canopy bed. Handcrafted fom teak wood, turned poster, high headboard, no footboard. Wooden slats matress support.

Teak rattan four posters bed

Classic four posters bed teak wood frames close woven sheet cane headboard and footboard. Plain side rails with tenon joint and bolt fastener to the mortise on the poster. Turning solid wood posters decorated with spiral reeds and finial top.

Sheraton posters bed

British colonial period antique posters bed handcrafted of teak wood. The Sheraton posters bed features four turning and reeded posters and rattan wicker headboard. Wooden slats mattress support, tenon and bolt fastener flat packing construction.