Dining room Furniture 16

Betawi banteng chair made of teak wood

Banteng arm chair

Teak wood | W. 61, D. 54H. 85 cm

Betawi, Jakarta ethnic original terrace chair made of teak wood.

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Plantation cabinet

Plantation cabinet

Teak wood | W. 158, D. 50H. 150 cm

Plantation style teak cabinet 10 drawer bottom, 2 drawers, shelves, and folding doors top. Made of teak wood, solid brass fixture.

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Modern teak furniture - buffet 2 doors

Modern buffet 2 doors

Teak wood | W. 120, D. 50H. 80 cm

Modern and contemporary teak furniture, a plain and simple buffet sliding 2 doors. Handmade of teak wood, traditional construction, stainless steel drawers handle.

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Ruji minimalist buffet made of teak wood

Ruji buffet 4 doors

Teak wood | W. 175, D. 50H. 85 cm

A minimalist style of colonial trellis teak furniture. 4 doors buffet, 4 drawers top, handmade of solid teak wood.

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Teak buffet trellis doors

Ruji teak buffet

Teak wood | W. 100, D. 40H. 100 cm

A colonial style furniture piece handmade of teak wood. 2 trellis door buffet 1 drawer top.

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Kitchen buffet

Kitchen buffet

Teak wood | W. 125, D. 55H. 60 cm

Teak furniture kitchen buffet in plain and simple style handmade of solid wood. 2 doors and a drawer bottom, 2 shelves top hutch.

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Teak rattan buffet

Plantation buffet

Teak wood | W. 175, D. 50H. 95 cm

Colonial plantation style buffet 4 doors and 7 drawers. Made of teak wood, solid brass doors and drawers hardware. Turning feet, and reeded pillars on left and right side. The storage doors made of rattan, cover a shelf inside.

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Teak bamboo sideboard

Teak sideboard bamboo

Teak wood | W. 145, D. 50H. 90 cm

6 drawers and 2 doors teak wood and bamboo sideboard.

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Large turning solid wood pedestal dining table on three spider legs and rouded feet. Profile edge decoration top leaf fastened on plain round apron.

Pedestal table

Teak wood | W. 150, D. 150H. 75 cm

Indonesian pedestal table handcrafted of teak solid wood. Supported by a large turning column on top of three spider legs and rounded feet, Profile edge decoration round top leaf fastened onto plain round apron.

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