Dining room Furniture 15

Teak buffet 8 drawers Sigende

Sigende buffet 8 drawers

Teak wood | W. 200, D. 50H. 90 cm

Rounded left and right end sideboard 4 doors and 8 drawers. Made of grade A teak wood, floating beveled panel 2 rounded doors left and right side, 2 panel door center. 4 drawers top, 4 drawers center. Solid brass drawers hinges, solid brass knob doors and top drawers pulls, solid brass shell shape center drawers pulls. Each door covering a removable shelf inside.

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Trellis buffet traditional made of teak wood

Trellis buffet 2 doors

Teak wood | W. 135, D. 55H. 80 cm

Indonesia furniture original pieces, a 2 door trellis buffet handmade of mahogany wood. A wide shelf bottom, and 2 doors storage top.

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Torubulu extra large teak woodcabinet

Extra large display cabinet

Teak wood | W. 300, D. 50H. 205 cm

Extra wide display cabinet 4 glass doors and 4 drawers top section, 2 panels door and 10 drawers bottom. Made of grade A teak wood, float beveled panels doors and side construction. The top section consisting of 4 glass doors solid wood frame in a row cover removable 2 shelves, a drawer beneath each door total of 4 drawers. The bottom sections about 8 cm larger than the top sections, consisting of 5 drawers left and 5 drawers right, 2 doors center cover a shelf inside.

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Torubulu vitrine sliding doors made of teak wood

Torubulu Vitrine 4D

Teak wood | W. 100, D. 50H. 220 cm

Sliding 4 door vitrine, 2 glass doors top, 2 glass doors bottom. Made of grade A teak timber, floating panels construction, stainless steel hardware.

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Sheraton server table

Sheraton server table

Teak wood | W. 110, D. 53H. 74 cm

Colonial style Sheraton two tiers server table, rattan top and bottom shelf. Turning and reeded legs, brass foot on caster. Made of solid teak wood, traditional construction, tenon and mortise joinery.

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Teak wood buffet

Teak buffet

Teak wood | W. 175, D. 50H. 95 cm

Colonial plantation style buffet 4 doors and 7 drawers. Made of teak wood, solid brass doors and drawers hardware. Turning feet, and reeded pillars on left and right side. Solid wood frame with floating panel storage doors, covering a shelf inside.

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Teak tub chair Sheraton rattan backrest

Sheraton tub chair

Teak wood | W. 59, D. 53H. 85 cm

Sheraton colonial style teak rattan tub chair, turning and reeded front legs, taper back legs. Made of teak wood, rattan backrest, upholstered seat.

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Betawi new chair rattan seat

Batavia new chair

Teak wood | W. 62, D. 65H. 90 cm

Batavian original banteng chair modified into a simple terrace chair. Made of teak wood, rattan seat and backrest.

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Ganesha teak leather chair

Ganesha teak leather chair

Teak wood | W. 55, D. 60H. 85 cm

Teak leather arm chair bending arms. The frame is made of solid teak wood, tapered and curved outward front legs, plain curved outward back legs. Leather upholstery seat and backrest.

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