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More than 25 years in antique reproduction furniture making

Jepara Antique Furniture

CV. Jepara Antique welknown as "Jan furniture" has been in furniture handcrafting business for more than 25 years. Starting as two persons craftsmen small scale business, the founder and his son handcrafting Chippendale reproduction chair for Dutch Connection supplier in Jepara. This combination of veteran carver and talented craftsman business managed to supply several furniture exporter companies in Jepara and Semarang.

Carving a French baroque console

Advantage by carving tradition

The wood carving and sculpting tradition of Jepara people is one of our advatage wich is unrivaled by other regions in Asia. Jepara carving artisans have unique expertise which is good in carving a replica rather than Javanese traditional carving pattern.

You can easily find wood relief of Da Vinci's Last supper painting,or a Good Shepherd sculpture created by a teenage in Jepara

The expertise in carving wooden relief according to pictures/photos brings out the interests of International busineses to start furniture manufacturing in Jepara.

Furthermore, our carving tradition was improved with furniture construction and joinery.

Craftsmen partnership

Supported by many other small scale furniture craftsmen and industries

Located in Jepara, a district of labor intensive woodworking industries and clustered crafstmen in Indonesia, Jan Furniture involved in a large furniture handcrafting cooperation. The cooperation combine various woodworking industries into a continuous line of wood furniture production, sawmills, kiln-dry chamber rental, tenon mortise workshop, wood carving artisans, and various furniture craftsmen.

Supported by the woodworking business partners, we work with many other small scale furniture craftsmen to provide customer with an extensive styles of handcrafting furniture and woodworking products.

Various furniture craftsman in Java
Handcrafting and woodworking businesses partners

Extensive furniture industries network

The immensity of furniture industries in Jepara allowing us to provide you an extensive styles and types of furniture. We are able to supply you with wood furniture, handicraft, woodworking in a single shipment. No minimum items quantity nor minimum order quantity, we supply any customer with any order quantity.

Into custom made furniture business

In 2005, we focusing in manufacturing new designs for our customers while the co-craftsmen partners working on the existing products design. This is allowing us supply our customer with new design mixed with existing antique reproduction and teak garden furniture in a container.

Since then many of our customers always include new designs within their purchasing order. Some of them buy new designs to refresh the products display, while other customer order custom designs furniture for their clients.

The business changes drastically, week by week we work with different new customers. We create a whole house furniture for an interior designer furnishing projects, working on some hotel projects in Indonesia, build an extra large table for an office in Jakarta, also custom made a flat packing armoire for a private customer.

We enjoy the new experience in making furniture according to the customer design and specifications. Some customers ask us to build wood furniture according to a photo found in interior magazines, a furniture business refer link to websites, while many other new customers want our existing furniture products made to perfect fit a room in his/her house